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Signature submitted: 250,010. MINIMUM WAGE: Led by prominent orlando attorney john morgan, the political committee Florida For A Fair Wage is proposing to gradually increase the state’s minimum wage.

The government of Florida is established and operated according to the Constitution of Florida and is composed of three branches of government: the executive branch consisting of the governor of Florida and the other elected and appointed constitutional officers; the legislative branch, the Florida Legislature, consisting of the Senate and House; and the judicial branch consisting of the.

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6 days ago · Ms. Poleo’s view, echoed by political observers, underscores one of the challenges facing Democrats in their bid to secure a larger share of Florida’s Latino electorate in 2020.

Of course, Miami and the peninsula didn't stay sparsely populated for long, as northern immigrants transformed the state's landscape — and its politics.

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Politics ; Net worth grows for Florida legislative leaders. florida legislative leaders don’t appear to have had financial hardships as they took charge of the House and Senate last year.House.

This week’s episode digs into: First quarter Democratic presidential campaign finance reports – and how much came from Florida donors. The politics – and business – of storm-proofing the state’s.

Florida politicians didn't have a good week.. Weekly roundup: Ugly week in florida politics. news Service of Florida Published 7:00 a.m. CT.

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Florida firefighters. It took four years, but it looks like the state’s firefighters will get cancer classified as an occupational hazard that will qualify for full health insurance coverage,

Florida is typically the crown jewel of presidential elections. With its shifting make up and divided politics, there’s endless speculation every four years over where its 29 electoral college votes.

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