Diversity Is Not Our Strength

"Diversity is our strength!" That is one of the slogans explaining why we simply must have more immigrants from third world rhymes-with-spitholes. As propaganda, it’s pretty good. It’s catchy, easy to remember, and it communicates a clear idea. The only problem is, it’s a lie.

Racial diversity is a strength only if it is subsumed under an overarching unity of values and purpose. Racial diversity at the expense of cultural unity, however, Balkanizes and divides. The strength of our military has not been its diversity but its unity, indeed its uniformity. soldiers wear the same uniform, not uniforms of their own.

Diversity is NOT our strength. (And shut up about "all the restaurants.") (language warning). liberals like to say "diversity is our strength," but their best example is to "look at all. The truth is, it’s just the opposite. Other cultures eat disgusting food. Most of Africa has no food so I.

Diversity is our strength. So, what does the above all mean in the game of diversity? Don’t assume you are doing a good job-look under the hood with real data on your employee make up. The above only covers three elements of what people would call diversity-there are numerous other characteristics that are just as important.

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 · Diversity is our Strength, Not Our Weakness. Coming from different ethnic backgrounds, it means that every group has something unique to offer at the economic table in terms of experience and expertise. In Kenya, some are farmers, some are businessmen and women, some are cattle keepers and some are custodians of culture,

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No, the blood is not “on the hands of people shouting terrorist or bigot at people who warned diversity is not our greatest strength.” The blood is on the hands of the demented and hate-filled person.

This diversity is our strength as a nation. No country can develop when there. According to him, there were so many things.

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Our diversity is our strength and our unity is our power. Yet here we are. On top of not accepting an America that elected.