The Home Equity Theft Reporter: South Florida Mortgage Broker, Others Accused In Foreclosure Rescue, Equity Stripping Lawsuit

.various forms of Home Equity Theft and links to news reports & other informational sources from throughout the country about the victims of Home Equity Most of the defendants were involved in the Valley’s real-estate and mortgage industries. All were part of six mortgage-fraud rings in metropolitan.

Low Loan Rates Two Building a Deck Box "The healthy strong employment results for the past two. rates will rise." Like Smoke, Johnson also believes the jobs number will boost home sales. "Many potential homebuyers may see an opportunity.

Foreclosure Rescue and Mortgage Debt Relief Scams. Foreclosure "rescue" and refinance frauds. The scam artist offers to help a homeowner in financial difficulty Scammers sometimes claim to be able to eliminate a homeowner’s debt through "secret laws" or other financial and legal wizardry.

Reverse mortgages can be foreclosed on for a variety of reasons. Learn what tools are available to help you so that you can avoid a reverse mortgage foreclosure. New rules on the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), loans insured by the Federal Housing Administration and the most.

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Why are there so few mortgages in Tampa Bay these days? A Tampa Bay Times examination of the. “What the hell are you doing with these?” Lupo said he asked Massad. “Are you crazy?” Lupo told Massad to “get a plastic bag, dump all of this stuff in there.

Protecting Your Home: Equity Stripping. By placing a large mortgage on your house, you strip it of its equity, making it a less attractive target. Using the above steps, you have effectively stripped the equity. This places the resultant proceeds beyond the reach of the courts inside of an offshore trust.

So-called "foreclosure rescue companies" claim they can help save your home, but they can’t really do that. They’re just out to make a fast buck. Contact your mortgage company as soon as possible if you’re having trouble paying your mortgage or if you get a foreclosure notice.

Foreclosure fallout: Rescue scams. Scammers are taking advantage of mortgage holders at their most As foreclosure rates rise, evidence from other parts of the country indicates the number of Charlotte, North Carolina’s BBB office reported last year that two foreclosure rescue companies.

The Home equity theft prevention act (hetpa, NY RPL 265-a) is a New york state law passed on July 26, 2006, to provide homeowners of residential property with information and disclosures in order to make informed decisions when approached by persons seeking a sale or transfer of the.

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