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"We started checking craigslist and looking around online, doing all of the usual stuff you’re supposed to do," she says. Paulsen says it’s harder for young, first-time homebuyers to get a mortgage.

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Money is really tight, and you’re struggling just to get by. Then you remember that you’ve got tens of thousands of dollars in your retirement accounts. Taking money out of your retirement account.

Are you ever too old to apply for a mortgage loan? The legal answer is a definite "no." But the realistic answer is complicated. Consider this example: You’ve searched for years, but you’ve finally found your dream home in your dream community. Problem is, you need a mortgage loan to finance the purchase of this residence.

Here’s what you need to know about how to get a reverse mortgage loan. Find reverse mortgage lenders. Before you start looking for a loan, you should know that not just any homeowner can get a.

How a retiree can qualify for a mortgage. First and foremost, you need a great credit score. Each lender sets its own minimum, but expect it to be between 720 and 760. Retirees tend to have an advantage with regard to credit score, since most have lessened their debt load and acquired better financial habits with age.

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Shortly after the accident, he took out a second mortgage and now he can’t afford. There’s really no extra money, you.

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The number marks an all-time high since measurement began in 2000, underscoring how large a source of wealth home equity is for retirement. mortgages lenders offer on home values below $679,650 and.

If you’re. get rid of those costly debts first. Then turn to your tax-deductible mortgage payoff decision. About 4 in 10 homeowners make the wrong choice by accelerating their mortgage payments.