China and the Global Economy With Richard Duncan #641

Richard Duncan: China Is Facing a 'Serious Crisis. – May 11 – China experienced the "greatest economic boom in the history of the world" based on an export-led and investment-driven growth model, says Macro Watch’s richard duncan. Unfortunately, with a slowing global economy and decreasing demand for.

Media turns against New Zealand government ahead of election – TV and radio presenter Duncan Garner joined Labour in. The prices of dairy exports, on which the country’s economy relies heavily, have dropped by 40 percent since February, mostly due to falling.

Contracting World Debt Threatens The Global Economy | Richard. – That extraordinary surge in global debt was only possible because the collapse in interest rates after 1980 made borrowing more affordable. Richard Duncan’s chart showing declining interest rates of the global economy. Current debt levels won’t be possible to sustain, however, if interest rates ever begin to rise.

Britain tells China to honour Hong Kong freedoms – The protests have created a fresh crisis for Chinese President Xi Jinping, already grappling with a trade war with Washington, a faltering economy and tension in the South China Sea. junior foreign.

Doctor with Ebola on way to U.S. called "absolutely dedicated" – Jeff Bleijerveld, director of global ministries for the United. as well as sectors of the economy Although the tech giant is eager to avoid tariffs, shifting some of its production out of China.

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Asia Needs a Minimum Wage – Yet in today’s global economy, one plagued by overcapacity. fetch if only to address the imbalance between China’s trade surplus and America’s indebtedness. Back in 2003, financial analyst Richard.

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The world economy has no easy way out of the mire – William White, former chief economist of the Bank for International Settlements, is a leading proponent of the view that monetary policy errors, particularly by the Federal Reserve, have driven the.

The New Depression: The Breakdown of the paper money economy. – In The New Depression: The Breakdown of the Paper Money Economy, Richard Duncan introduces an analytical framework, The Quantity Theory of Credit, that explains all aspects of the calamity now unfolding: its causes, the rationale for the government’s policy response to the crisis, what is likely to happen next, and how those developments will.

Climate change skepticism could risk GOP’s future in California – “Thousands of people die every year of cold, so if we had global warming it would save lives,” said Rep. Duncan Hunter, another California. created that wasn’t there before.” President Richard.

Podcast: Deconstructing Trump’s tariffs, turning point in history and the end of globalisation – The deepening trade dispute between the United States and China could. he said. Duncan started his career in finance in Hong Kong in 1986, working as a research analyst for a local brokerage. His.