9 Reasons to Take a New Look at Reverse Mortgages

Daniel and Noelle have a house worth 0,000 and they want to make some home improvements including adding new windows, installing central air and getting a new roof. They also want to add to their retirement fund. They take out a reverse mortgage and use $50,000 of the proceeds to pay for the renovations to their home.

Two seniors explain why they got a reverse mortgage. Mike Ryan liked what a reverse mortgage could give him: the ability to take equity out of the house, tax-free and with no monthly payments.

A reverse mortgage usually makes more sense the longer you live in your home. If a health issue or other event may cause you to move out soon, a reverse mortgage is an expensive way to cover short term cash needs. A reverse mortgage can help with these expenses, but it is important to have other retirement resources too.

But those who can take out a reverse mortgage can eliminate their monthly mortgage bills. Reverse mortgages allow retirees to tap into their home equity. They can receive money from their loan in a lump sum or through monthly installments. Retirees with reverse mortgages can also access their home equity through a line of credit.

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Others are struggling with rising medical bills or simply can’t continue to pay the mortgage on their fixed-income. These are three of the primary reasons. site about reverse mortgages, so be sure.

That’s another reason to take a reverse mortgage with a line of credit sooner rather than later. Over many years, the line of credit can increase to far more than the original amount.

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25 Ways to Use a HECM. The New Reverse Mortgage is a versatile retirement funding tool that can be utilized in many ways. Here are just some of them: Pay off your forward mortgage to reduce your monthly expenses. Re-model your home to accommodate aging limitations. Maintain a line of credit (that grows) for health emergencies and surprises.

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